These site safety instructions must be seen by everyone who comes to work at Gasunie in an office or at a gas-containing location. This also applies to visitors to gas-containing locations, so that everyone knows what we, at Gasunie, mean by operating safely. This applies whether you are an employee, contractor or visitor.

Gasunie employees should carry out this training via the Training portal.

If you have created your account before May 22, 2018, then your username is your email address. From May 22, 2018, the username is a self-chosen unique name.

The e-mails about activating the account or about changing a password may have ended up as spam in your "Unsolicited mail" folder.

No, that is not the intention. An account is personal. Even after changing the details in the profile, the certificate will continue to show the name of the person who obtained the certificate.

Yes, but not via this site; they should complete it via the Training portal.

You must answer at least 10 of the 12 questions correctly to obtain the certificate.

On the usual devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

You must have access to YouTube to be able to watch the video.

The certificate is valid for two years.

Yes; after obtaining the certificate, you can tick the box indicating that you would like to receive a reminder email in due course.

Yes, you must be able to show that you have a valid certificate. You can ask the doorman at the location, or the Gasunie employee to whom you have to report, to stamp the certificate in your Personal Safety Logbook (PSL), also known as a safety passport or ‘Green Book’.

By sending an email to gasunieveiligheid@gasunie.nl.